Kisses to detect and remove Spyware on your BlackBerry

Spyware is a very common issue in case of smartphones, there are several free and paid programs available to detect and secure your smartphones against Spywares. Here is a BlackBerry app known as ‘Kisses’.

‘Kisses’ helps you by detecting and revealing the Spyware programs installed on your BlackBerry, and later helps you to remove this programs safely.

Also it helps you by listing down all the running processes on your BlackBerry, later you can get to know about the specific process.

Here are some of the snapshots from the official Appworld page for ‘Kisses’ –

Kisses to detect and remove Spyware on your BlackBerry

Kisses detects a Spyware on your BlackBerryKisses reveals and enlists hidden programs on BlackBerryProcess Overview with Kisses

‘Kisses’ offers features like Scheduled downloads, Scheduled scans, and is basically a Signature file based malware detection, also has updated signatures of FlexiSpy & Mobile-Spy, which allows it to fight against the new versions of the same.  Download Kisses