Kinect Based First Person Shooter Game to Debut Soon : Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will be the  first Kinect based Person Shooting Game, the games of same type are usually played using the Xbox Controller. This is definitely an awesome news for users like me who aren’t very comfortable with the controller and end up playing Kinect Games rather. Below is the trailer but they have not yet demoed how it will be used with Kinect, But the end of the video says its for Kinect and Xbox 360.

The only thing which still now sure is how exactly this game will be played i.e. Will it be solely based on controller and gestures or will it also support Controller or rather use a combination of both.

The last part is what makes more sense to me because some actions which in War Like game needs quick response which might not be that fast with Kinect so it is possible that you might see controls like firing, choosing weapons etc will be Controller based while View Control, Dirving etc will be using use head tracking via Kinect. Now since you dont need to jump around here, I am sure nobody is going to hit the controller on their Monitor.

Check out the Fan Page of Steel B Heavy Armor and express your views.


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