Laser Light on Silicon

It’s a known fact that Silicon is not a good light emitter,but Intel has come with a new type of silicon that can emit lights this mean it can transfer data on a beam of light. Currently in all microprocessors, data transfer is based on copper wires to reroute between million of transistors which form a network like human nervous system. But if lasers are used it will completely revolutionizes the whole progress.

Laser light passing  through silicon

Its combination of emitting properties of “Indium Phosphite” and light-routing properties of silicon. Although silicon is not a good emitter, it does have the capacity to confine and route light. Silicon has made its way into everything from computers to cameras. But a silicon laser? Physically impossible – until now. A Brown University research team led by Jimmy Xu has engineered the first directly pumped silicon laser by changing the structure of the silicon crystal through a novel nanoscale technique.

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