Leave a signature and Lock your USB to get back Lost USB Drive

Losing a thing as small as a USB is no biggy, but once you lose it, how does somebody know to get back to you so they can return your USB drive? How do you block anybody from accessing the USB drive itself?

USB Lost and Found is a tool ( Via Ghacks )you can use to set up your USB drive for both leaving a signature in the format of a message, which can contain your email id or phone number, and you can also lock it, so it asks for a password every time it is connected to a computer.

Message Displayed when Lost USB is connected to another Computer
Message Displayed when Lost USB is connected to another Computer

The lockdown mode is available in the pro version, which is paid, but the free version should help you out generally. But if you are concerned about the USB drive, just buy it.

Features of USB Lost and Found :

  • The free version only has the Message method.
  • The Pro version has the Message method and the LockDown method.
  • It tricks users into not opening it with AutoPlay and running Lock Down/Message.
  • Double-clicking the USB drive in My Computer causes Lock Down/Message to run.
  • Fine with many Anti-viruses.

The only thing which I am not sure about is how effective the lockdown is. If somebody formats it, how does it handle the situation? It handles double click, but does it handle right-click, or can it overwrite Administrator privileges.


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