Let Windows 7 choose settings to run incompatible programs

For any program which has incompatibility issue running on Windows 7, there is an option to make it choose compatibility ( Windows XP or Windows VIsta ) , available in properties of that program. But many a time a user might just not know in which version it has to be run.

Windows 7 compatibility property

In This situation, Windows 7 provides you with an inbuilt wizard which can decide for you the compatibility version and make it run and next time it remembers the settings also so you dont have to bother about choosing it again and again.

  • Go to Control Panel \ Programs
  • Under Program and features  , select Run program made for previous version of Windows

Windows 7 programs and features

This will start a wizard which will allow you to choose and run a program with which you have an issue.  You can choose either between existing installed programs or you can select first choice which says not listed and then browse and select it.

Windows 7 compatibility Wizard

Windows 7 select incompatible programs

At the end it asks you to choose to save settings which you should opt in if your program is running. So next time you get into problems of compatibility you know what to do !!.


  1. some programs will be not be working if you try to make it run as windows XP, windows Vista or other previous operating system if it works it will be unstable too. so if you can try to get a newer version of the program.


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