Levelator – Adjust the audio level [ Podcast Tools ]

Levelator is an excellent audio fixing tool that allows you to adjust the variation of volume level, which occurs either because of the difference in distance and that it’s a compressor. In many scenarios where you are taking the interview or talking to a lot of people, there is a variation in voice because everybody speaks at their level. This does not matter at the time when you create the final audio. It looks odd to your audience, Specially in the case of Podcasting.

I faced this issue in my last podcasts and looked around tools that can help me out. This piece of software just made me smile, and I improved the voice levels in my recent Podcasting on Is it a good idea to leave your current job for blogging.

And like magic, the work is simple than you can think of. Just drag and drop your WAV or AIFF file, and it converts into another file in the same format, and the difference is noticeable. Download Levelator


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