LG G Flex Hands-on and LG impresses yet again with its Innovation

LG showcased its innovation LG G Flex Android Phone on the 10th of this month in India. The phone innovates at two points. First, it’s a curved phone that can bend and reshape itself; second, the back screen can heal itself. While the first align with the fundamental that everything is curved, including how we see, the second ensures that you don’t need to put a case on just to ensure that the screen doesn’t get scratched in its lifetime.

LG G Flex: Hands-on & First Impression Video

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LG G Flex Features


The flexibility is achieved by LG using POLED or Plastic OLED, which can reshape after bending. Surprisingly the screen doesn’t feel plastic at all, and the touch experience is as smooth as any glass screen. One significant advantage of its six-inch curve display is the immersive panoramic viewing experience, which feels different.

Flex has also included support for WRGB compared to only the RGB HD display the existing mobile phone provides. This has made colors more vivid, natural, sharp, and straightforward.


A curve phone cannot have a flat battery, and their chemical department came up with the idea of a curve battery made possible by layering the components inside it. Powered with 3500 mAh and Snapdragon 800, I am sure the battery life will be as good as LG G2.

Self Healing Rear Body:

Adding to flexibility, LG has included a self-healing back cover, which takes somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes to heal itself. It works better if the temperature is even higher, so putting it under sunlight might work even better.

Software Advancement:

Two things to note here. First is the dual windows support, which lets you run two applications side by side and has its advantages of drag and drop. Second is the Quick Theater, which quickly brings the Photo, Video, and YouTube app as you use two thumbs to pull the screen. Apart from these, it has whatever LG G2 contains. We can get to know more only when we have the review unit.

LG G Flex Gallery:

Pricing & Availability of LG G Flex:

The phone is supposed to launch in the first quarter of next year and should be priced around Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000. It’s a costly phone, and keeping in the innovation doesn’t surprise me.


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