Light weight, Full Featured Word Processor: AbiWord

AbiWord is a very light weight word processor, it has almost all the features which are often expected in any Word Processor and pretty useful if you are looking for an alternate word processor.

Setup for this application is less than 6MBs in size, and the AbiWord works fine on old PCs as well.

Reasons to choose AbiWord as your default Word Processor –

  • Supports multiple file formats as shown below.
  • It has all the options to fully customize your document, like Fonts, Indent, Alignment, Inserting header, footer etc.
  • Supports multiple languages.

It also supports several Plugins and dictionaries; you can install them manually on your AbiWord from the download page of the AbiWord.

There are several other features in it, but as I said, expected in every Word Processor, so probably no point discussing them beyond this point.

Well, the questions is, there are several powerful Word Processors available already, then why AbiWord?

Answer is, it’s Free, it’s Small to download, its very light weight. :

For example, I have seen several people installing MS Office full version, and they end up using MS Word only and that too without exploiting its full capabilities.

So, if this is the case, where you just need something like MS Word, where you can type you drafts or any document and don’t need some very high end capabilities, you can use AbiWord.

Moreover, if you have some old PC which has small RAM or may be your C drive doesn’t have a lot of space, AbiWord is and advisable app. It is Compatible with all  Windows OS.

Download AbiWord


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