Light weight image viewer without any UI: First Impression

Image Viewer is a very important category of applications; all the Operating Systems come with a default Image Viewer. There are several alternatives to this, Fast Picture Viewer is one of them, pretty light weight, and really fast as well.

Here is another image viewer, First Impression, which too is pretty fast, and the best part of this application is it doesn’t have any UI, all you see is the image, nothing more than that, by default, if the image is large enough and out of the scope of your display screen, in such case you will have to scroll to see the full image, however you can always choose the fit to window option to save from scrolling.

Here is how it shows a 640×480 image on my display.

Space bar is the key to view the next image in the directory and backspace to jump to the previous. You can get other options by right-clicking on the image, as shown below.

So, if you are looking for some fast, light weight, full featured image viewer give it a try, I loved its minimal design, I am sure you too will like it.

Download First Impression


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