Limit the number of simultaneous users on Shared Folders [ Windows 7 & Vista]

The only way to reduce the load on your computer due to shared folder is by giving access to sepecific and required people. Well this can be a situation but sometimes you need to share some files publicly with many people. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is a way to fix this.

When you share a folder select the advanced mode and you will see something which is pretty new. There is a number drop down which allows you to limit the number of simultaneous users on a folder. This solves the issue if you had been complaining about slow computer everytime you share something.

  • Right click on any Folders > Properties > Sharing > Advance Sharing
  • Next Window you will see option to enable sharing and you can give a Share Name of your choice which can be different from the folder you have.
  • Next you can choose number of users who can simultaneously access this folder.
  • You can also configure the permission which you should do so nobody is able to change the content of your folder.

Limit the number of Simultaneous users in Windows Vista on shared folder



  1. All documentation of windows Vista specifies the range for maximum simultanoeis users to be from 1 to 10 but I cannot specify a value greater than 5. I am using vista home basic.

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