Check if your LinkedIn Password was leaked using LastPass Checker

In the recent havoc of Linkedin Password leaks and a final confirmation on their blog it is necessary that you need to change your password immediately if you have not till now, and if you did you just need to make sure that your password is not one of the password that is out in open to be hacked again by using the LastPass Linkedin Password Checker.

Using this tool is very easy, all you need to do is enter your password old or new in the password checker box and hit Test my password button. This tool then creates a hash and matches with the list of password that was exposed from the hacked database. If it finds that the password is already there, you will be warned and recommended to use a different one. If not then you will get a message saying “Your password was NOT one of the ones that was compromised.” but its still possible that a complete list is not out there and you should change and use a new password.

Linked In Lastpass Password Checker

How secure is it to enter password on this tool ?

It says :

Only the hash of your password will be sent to’s servers, not your actual password. This hash will not be stored. Please view source the page if you’re technically inclined. ”

What happened with Linkedin ?

Whatever happened you must have already read their blog post and the ultimate result is that you just dont know if your account is secure enough. I am sure most of us already have changed the password and used a new one but in case you havent, use this tool and change your password.

Thanks Manan


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