List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

For a heavy Outlook User, Backing up the data, i.e., PST file or the OST file every day is mandatory. It is crucial when you are using  POP instead of IMAP, which many corporate. Emails from those serves once downloaded are removed from the server, until specified or configured to keep it there forever. In this post, we will share a set of free tools that can take automatic backup of Outlook PST and OST files.

List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

Below are the few methods which you can use to automatically backup your Outlook Data.

  1. Relocate PST to Dropbox or OneDrive
  2. Personal Folders Backup Tool
  3. Safe PST Backup
  4. Backup My Mail

Make sure to check on the compatibility

1] Relocate PST and OST files to Dropbox

If you use Dropbox or OeDrive, I will suggest you move your PST file of your Outlook Profile to one of your DropBox Folders, which you do not share with anybody. On top, you can use the same folder with any other computer, which makes sure you have the same data access when you go from Office to Home or when you switch between computers.

List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

  1. Once Outlook is launched, first find out the location of the PST or OST file of the profile you want to move to Dropbox.
  2. Go to File > Account Settings
  3. Select Data Files Tab, and you should see all the PST or OST file locations.
  4. Now make a list of the emails and their PST file.
  5. Close Outlook.
  6. Next Go to Dropbox, Create a Folder named Outlook Data, and Move All those PST and OST files. Notice I said move, so make sure you do not have a copyleft on that folder.
  7. Next Launch Outlook and it will prompt for missing PST files which you can browse and locate it.
  8. Thats it, you are done. All your files are on Dropbox, which automatically Syncs.

Also, remember that it is possible that unless you close, the files on Dropbox will not sync as it is used. So wait for a few minutes before you shut down your computer or close outlook when you are on break. Make sure Syncing in not Paused on Dropbox.

The best part of this method is that it works with all versions of Office, including Office 2019 and Office 365. If you want to manually backup PST file, its rather easy:

  • Click on File > Open and Export
  • Export to a file > Outlook Data file (.PST)
  • Save it somewhere.

Export Import PST file

You can also use the same settings to import back the PST file or even open a PST file shared by someone else.

2] Personal Folders Backup Tool

It is an official backup tool from Microsoft in the form of an add-on and backs your PST file either when you start it or when the reminder to backup goes off. Either way, it makes sure you have all the emails, etc. stored.  Read more on How to use it, but it works on Office 2002-2010. We have also shared an old-fashioned way to backup Office 2012-Office 365 in that post.

4] Safe PST Backup

List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

It is another free tool which allows you to backup all your PST file. One thing that is nice about this application is that it can back up even when you are using Outlook, but if you have a download in progress, it waits for it complete. It works till Office version 2012. Read More

2] Backup My Mail

Office Outlook backup Tool Backup My Mail

This tool can backup your PST file on any scheduled date and time to a location of your choice, and then you can make it repeat the same every few days. There are three things right about it :

  • You don’t have to tell this app the location of our PST file.
  • In case your profile is password protected, it gives you the option to provide it before running the backup, and it will take care of it.
  • It can delete all the PST files, which is backed up before if you want to save some space.
It works with the older version of Office and is supported till Outlook 2010. Download from Github

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