List Randomizer : Perfect for choosing anything randomly

When I started with Christmas Giveaway , I was worried for some time how to choose a random winner. I tried excel random for first giveaway but then it wasn’t getting me right. Then I came around with a service that excels in Randomizing things and it has a list randomizeer which allows you to add couple of names in a list and then create another list on some random basis. 

This tool turned out to be perfect for any contest. I still have Snagit to give away which will come on a surprise day and I will use this tool again. Here is how it looks when you create it :

List randomizer options

List randomizer options

This is the final out put of 3 Random hits:

List randomizer proof

List randomizer proof

List Randomizer is pretty simple to use and very handy if you want to choose something randomly. Check it out at @Random.Org

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