Listen to the latest music from cities around the world

We recently talked about SoundCloud, and here is another service for music lovers across the world. lets you listen to the latest music from cities around the world, which uses SoundCloud to collect the latest music.

Shown above is the interface which you get to see as soon as you are on the page, the position of city on this list is decided on the basis most active cities and the list is constantly changing as new music is being created (probably this activeness is rated by the submissions from particular city to SoundCloud). The photos shown here are fetched from Flickr.

Now let us click on any city name, to see what’s been cooking in their music world.

Shown above is a snapshot of track list in London, now simply click on any track to enjoy.

Loved it? And want to download it? Click on the yellow colored double arrow head mark highlighted with red color, it will take you to the SoundCloud page where this track is originally saved, there you can download it, or if you want you can follow the person who submitted it to SoundCloud (who probably is also the creator of this sound track).

So go ahead and try, it’s a nice place to hang on for the music lovers, especially if there resides a music creator too in you.




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