Listen to the music files in your Dropbox, anytime, anywhere

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere, and moreover you Listen to the music files in your Dropbox anywhere anytimedon’t even need to carry it with you? All you need is the browser and the internet connection (and ofcourse some music files in any folder of your Dropbox). DropTunes is the answer, yes, this awesome service allows you to play all the music you have in your Dropbox, and that too in your browser, you don’t have to download the music files, and also you don’t need a media player for it.

In case you don’t know what Dropbox is, it is an online collaborative service which allows you to share files, Read more.

Simply go to the DropTunes page, login with your Dropbox account details, soon this too will show you the folders in your Dropbox account, now go to the folder which has the songs you want to play, once you are in the folder, you will see the songs in the folder, play the one you want to, simple!!

Listen to the music files in your Dropbox, anytime, anywhere

The interface too is damn simple, a Play/Pause button, jump to previous and next track buttons, and a volume control bar on the top-right of the window, is all that DropTunes has.

To play the oga and wav files there is HTML5 Mode as well. However this could be irritating if your songs are multiple file formats, because you can’t play Mp3 files in HTML5 mode, and .wav files will not be accessible in Flash mode (which is used for playing Mp3 here). So, if you are planning to use DropTunes, make sure all your files are in single format.

There are some really cool tips and tricks on the ‘Info & Tips’ page of the DropTunes, so make sure you visit the page.

As long as you are on your own system, chances are bright that you have the Dropbox installed on it, so, DropTunes won’t be of much help, however this could be damn useful, when you are on somebody else’s system, and you are not carrying your iPod or some other music player.

Overall, DropTunes is a great way to remotely access and listen to your music collection, go ahead and give it a try, share your views about it with us.

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