Lock and unlock your PC by removing or inserting a USB flash drive

Predator is a small app, which can help you to lock/unlock your PC just by inserting or removing the USB flash drive.

Once you download and install Predator, it asks you to set a password and also a key, key is to be placed on the USB flash device.

Lock and unlock your pc by removing or inserting USB Flash drive

Here you can set other options as well. Once both your password is set and key is created system monitoring starts. Now the Predator will keep checking for the key on your USB Flash drive, and if it doesn’t find the USB Flash drive, obviously the key too is absent, in such case it will lock your system.

You have the choice, either to enable or disable the ‘Always Required’ password option, using ‘Always Required’ is a better option, reason being if you yourself forget the USB Flash drive, you can log in to your system using the password.

You can also view the log, which shows you all the activities done by Predator. Have a look at the snapshot of Predator log below.

Predator log to see all the activities

Predator locks the PC and shows the ‘Access Denied’ message. It asks for password too, if the password is to be entered to unlock the PC. As shown in the very first snapshot.

Predator overall is a great app, locking and unlocking the system was never so easy.

Try Predator and share your experiences with us.

Download Predator


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