Lock your Keyboard, Mouse, Drive Doors while cleaning your system

We often need to wipe off the display of your system, and clean the keyboard and mouse (if you use one). Cleaning the keyboard is probably the most important part of this because keyboard is the part of the system which accumulates lots of dusts also known as Keyboard Dandruff.

Now, suppose you are working on your system and you feel like cleaning it with a piece of cloth, in such case you have choices, either you shut down you system and continue with the dusting (else unknowingly you will press several keys and this can land you up in trouble, may be you end up deleting some document or file and so on) or be very careful while dusting so that you don’t press any key, isn’t it? Now here is a better choice, how about an application which can help you with this scenario. Here is the answer, a Free application named as Toddler Keys.

This tiny application once installed on your system can be accesses by using the System Tray icon. Right click on the Toddler Keys icon in the system tray icon, and now you get the options to lock your keyboard, lock the drive doors (e.g. the button to open your CD/DVD drive won’t work), etc. as shown in the snapshot below –

Lock your Keyboard, Mouse, Drive Doors while cleaning your system

Here is a small video which will show the working of Toddler Keys –

Direct Link

In the above video, while showing the Keyboard Locking, I have used the on-screen Keyboard, but this works perfectly fine on the physical keyboard as well.

Generally all the options that are being shown in the snapshot are quite self-explanatory sorts, only the ‘Manage Pictures/Sounds’ is slightly confusing, this is just a wizard to add some sound (.wav) files and picture files, these sounds are played and pictures are shown when the Toddler Keys is in action and has actually locked you Keyboard or Mouse. To play or not to play the sound files, or to show or not to show the pictures you can go to the ‘Options’ of Toddler Keys.

Overall this really seems to be a nice utility, so go ahead and give it a try, and enjoy hassle free dusting of your system, also this can be useful if somehow a kid reaches your system while you just left your desk to have a cup of tea or coffee, isn’t it?

Download Toddler Keys

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