Logo Challenge : Can you relate logos to their exact owners ?

In the world of Internet and Web2.0 where we spend all time in reading news and participating in social media sites, Logos play an important allows you to recognize any site or a person. So here is a small challenge.

I have a set of 200 plus logos of different sites media and companies ..Can you name them ?. All you need to do is down the excel file and for every logo there is a box where you can enter its name. If its correct you get yes and if not a no.

Logo Challenge


We think we know all Download The File (excel format )


  1. I am trying to find the name for a logo. the logo is circular animal like with round ears zipper like teeth and round eyes. It almost looks like a cat. It’s difficult to describe. let me know if you think about anything that might sound familiar.



  2. hai….

    i’ve tried this logo puzzle, its really interesting, i’ve got 52% right answers…but can you please provide the remaining answers.so that i can also know the brand names of which i could not get the answers.



  3. i’ve tried this logo puzzle, its really interesting, i’ve got 65% right answers…this gives you the idea of the logos of the company when ever we see that.
    thanks to providing this to us.

    with regards,

    K.Arjun Goud

  4. Completed the excercise with 100% right answer . It is very nice and a challenging one. Thanks for providing this like a interesting puzzle. Seeking some more like this from you.

    With regards


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