Looking for best US colleges and universities ? Here is how

Many of us in Indian and other countries dream of going to abroad, specially US, to get masters degree in various fields. Sitting right here it is not only difficult but sometimes confusing to find which college or university is best in US . HP has released an Air based application which allows you to find the 100 best colleges and universities in US making it easy for you to fill in form and enroll for it.

Top 100 US colleges and Universities

There are few primaries according to which you can filter like :

  • US News Rank
  • Enrollment count.
  • Cost of education ( Public or Private ) also called as In State tuition.
  • Acceptance rate to see how much chance you have to get into that university.
  • Student to Faculty ratio.

The application doesnt stop here. The colleges are marked on maps as you see in the image above and you can click on any of them to find more details popping up. Digging further you can find following details :

  • Rank
  • Score.
  • Popular Majors in percentage.
  • What is the recommended operating system in the University.
  • If the school has wireless network for students and faculty.
  • How much was the total enrollment last year.
  • If you click on the image on top left, you can see en enlarged view of it too.
Top 100 US colleges details

This application o doubt solves half of your curiosity is a must application if you are planning to study abroad. Download it from here. Hat Tip Amit


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