Looking to upload a single file as big as 5GB ? Try File Dropper

If you have a requirement to upload such a hug file and your file hosting service has a limit it’s time you try File Dropper once. It allows you to upload a file as huge as 5GB in one shot and share it with anybody you want. The only limitation I see here is “The Upload speed” which should be more else it will take ages uploading that file.

Send and Share large files with Filedropper
Send and Share large files with Filedropper

The service is interesting with that figure but I really doubt that people will have such huge requirement. Most of the people who want to send this file either share it with any P2P engine as it takes too much of time to up load. So now my question to you how often you really require to send somebody that huge file and if you do send more often would this service be in your list ? Share with us in comments.


  1. Filedropper doesn’t work with big files. I tried to upload different big files of 3 to 4 GB but it stops after a few MB. I tried it with different computers on different spots with the sam result. I can upload small files. So upload big files is a fake to lure you in. I don’t get my money back, and they don’t answer my e-mails. Stay away from filedropper if you have to upload big files.

  2. I totally agree! It is crap!! Don’t get lured in. It stops at a few MB. I am on phone waiting for PAYPAL so I can remove the transaction.

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