Replace Windows Taskbar with Mac Like Dock

Object Dock is a free Application Launcher program for Windows which is very similar to what Mac Users get on OS X giving users full control to quickly launch applications and organize it according to your need which is way better than what Windows Taskbar offers. Infact this is so lively that you can replace your existing Taskbar with this dock.

Video Demo of Object Dock :

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Features of Object Dock

  • Automatically adds all the programs which you have already added to your Taskbar.
  • Organize Applications in Groups by separating them into categories.
  • Though it comes with inbuilt support to include icons for many popular programs but you can change it to your favorite icons. This is useful for programs for which Object Dock cannot pickup automatically.
  • Displays which programs are already open by symbolizing it small signs like an Arrow or Flames.
  • You can also include running applications which is not displayed by default.
  • Includes Visual effects like Zoom, Swing, Glow and Bubble.
  • If the length of the dock increase you can reduce size of icons to accommodate more.
  • A few inbuilt widgets are included like Weather Control which displays how weather can be for one week and a Live Clock.
  • Control the position of dock i.e. Bottom, Top, Left and Right like you do for Task Bar.
  • A special Ghost Mode simulates Auto Hide in Taskbar. The Dock appears only when you mouse hover its position and displays only 2-3 apps on right and left of any app.
  • By default it stays always on top but if you go full screen you have option to hide it.
  • Supports Multiple Monitor.

Object Dock in Windows

Performance and Troubleshooting :

Optimize for Performance and Memory : Though most of the users now have good hardware but even if you feel the dock is lowing down your computer performance, you can always use the  Performance Options under settings to reduce Image Quality and its animation. There are two options

Advance Tweaks : This allows you optimize it even further by giving you options  like To bring programs to Foreground if it is already running instead of launching a new instance of that program. Also It will show fly-out menus if you have loads of programs in the dock.

Object Dock Settings

Download Object Dock

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