Best macOS Themes for Firefox

Firefox is still one of the popular browsers, and if you like to customize it, today we are listing down some of the best macOS Theme for Firefox. Just like extensions, these themes can be installed on the browser, and after a restart, you can experience a completely different look.

Best macOS Themes for Firefox

  • mac OS X Clean & Simple
  • macOS Sierra Dark Theme
  • Mac OS X Old Style Theme
  • Mac OS X Skin for Windows
  • Mac OSX Light

Make sure to look at the user reviews, and comments of all the macOS Themes for Firefox. While it should work without any issue, but its important check fro any conflics with existing extensions.

mac OS X Clean & Simple

Best macOS Theme for Firefox

It is an elegrant theme which you can install on Firefox. Light colors, a well balanced choice of light and dark mode makes it an idle theme for most of the poeple.


macOS Sierra Dark Theme

Best macOS Dark Theme for Firefox

If you love Dark Mode, it is the theme you need to install. Windows and macOS both offer native Dark mode, and this will compliment with the system.


Mac OS X Old Style Theme

Best macOSX old Theme for Firefox

If you always loved the old OX X, then this is the theme to keep you in touch with what you liked.


Mac OS X Skin for Windows

Best macOSX Theme for Firefox


Mac OSX Light

Best macOSX Light Theme for Firefox

If you use everything as Dark, and want a theme that is in contrast with the overall color combination of the OS, then this is what you need to install.


So as you can see that these macOS Themes for Firefox are beautifully designed for Firefox. Developer has taken care of almost every facet, making the browser look completely different.So, if you are a Mac Lover, who due to some reasons have to use Windows, go ahead and install this theme, at least the browser will help you reduce your pain.


  1. @Manav I’m using it in Windows XP. Everything is perfect but sometimes when I type in the address bar, it turns into gray and after sometime it will come into normal course. This is the only thing I didn’t liked in
    Rest everything is looking cool.
    @Ben I’ve to give a try with the new theme which Ben said.


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