Macs might spoil your fun : PC vs Mac is Official

Ok Apple fan boys will take on this I am pretty sure because this is now Official Page on Microsoft’s site taking about difference between PC running Windows 7 and Mac machine. The key features compared are :

  • Macs might spoil your fun.
  • Macs can take time to learn.
  • Macs don’t work as well at work or at school.
  • Macs don’t like to share.
  • Macs might not like your PC stuff.
  • Macs don’t let you choose.

Windows 7 vs Mac

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  1. Pc is better than Mac? Please read (traslated):


    No matter what’s better, but isn’t the market share the most important think to Microsoft? Last time i checked windows based pc’s dominate over 90 % of the personal computer industry, why would Microsoft even bother paying attention to those who switch to a mac?
    Shouldnt there primary focus be on tablets and heavily promoting the Windows Phone 7 Series?

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