Magically turn off everything in your computer when idle

Right from saving yourself from Start up Embarrassment in Airplanes to Playing of your buffered video when you are not around there, there is an app for it. In fact you can slowly turn down the volume as you go to sleep but now we have All in one app which takes care of most of the annoying and embarrassing situations which happens when you leave your computer unattended and worst unlocked.

System Silencer is a save my self application which can do lot of things when you are away from your computer and your computer turns idle.

Few of the features like Sound, Desktop and Running Windows can be turned on again soon as the idle state ends i.e. when you logon to the computer. This software also takes care of battery factor if you are planning to run it on your laptop.The idle time can be configured by you for each of the factors but revert is not possible for all of them.

You can also :

  • Use this when required or between hours.
  • Hot key to Hide all open Windows ( Alternative App )

System Silencer

Download System Silencer



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