MagoFun: Another service to add your photo on Magazine Covers

We have been talking about several services to have fun with your photos, these services allow you to play around with your photos in several ways, some allow you to add your photos to celebrity’s T-shirts, some allow you to create fake magazine covers and much more.

Here is the new entrant in the series, MagoFun, a service which lets you add your photos on magazine covers (fake).

Simply choose a photo and upload it using the interface, as shown above.

Later you can choose a magazine cover, and also drag your photo to hide and unhide the parts of it, in order to fit the magazine cover.

Once done with these steps, MagoFun presents your photo on a fake magazine cover in front of you. You can either right-click on the image and save it, choose to get a embed code for this photo or if you want you can simply post it to several social networking sites.

So, go ahead and have fun.

Try MagoFun


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