Make Excel Charts interactive with sliders, gauge, dials and more

Adding Sliders, Gauge and dials can not only give an extraordinary effect to your charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2010, 2007 or 2003 but they can make them more interactive. Pivottables or Gantt Charts or Dynamic excel chart can be more interactive with them as you will be able to modify the values and see how its going to affect your results. Sounds Confusing right ? Let me explain you more.

What you see is An Application which runs on top of your excel sheet. It contains data from which you wanted to create charts may be pie chart or line chart. Now A user cant do anything more except just seeing the chart on simple excel. Now give a second thought, what if he or she can change the values by just running that slider or nob you see in the picture ? What if he can see the fluctuations on the meter gauge ?

This surely will give him more power to understand how things work or what factors can make his data give a positive result and what can give him red code !!. Even You can create excel chart template, lets say for pareto type and use it every time you have to show to your boss. I am sure he will be impressed. Specially with Microsoft Office 2007 , chart in excel and graph solutions are must for business.

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    1. Yeah. Explain me more, without actually explaining me more of anything. Do you have a file you can share? Can you post instructions or links on how to do this?

      What a totally useless explain me more explanation.

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