Make Firefox Download more sensible : Download Manager Tweak

Default Firefox Download windows is very basic with only option to delete items from the list, open the folder etc. These actions are all set into the  right-click menu.  If you do not use any other download manager, today I would recommend you to try a Firefox Add-on, Download Manager Tweak, which enhances the default download windows of Firefox giving direct options and enhances the overall experience.

This add-on complete revamp the download window by adding top menu which are one click control like Open Folder, Remove from list, launch. It also adds a delete button which is not available with the default download window. Also when you select a download you can see the source, folder where it is stored and time of download. Very Convenient.

If you find the menu items bit too much, this add-on gives you control for each item.

  • You can choose which buttons should be displayed.
  • You can also change it show only image or only text.
  • Control if Firefox themes can change the download manager window.
  • Combine the delete from list with file delete making it act like shift delete of windows.
  • Automatically launch files when the download is complete.
  • Remove the completed download from the list.

You can compare it with the old interface which just has a list of downloads and right-click brings the minimum required menu. If you do not use any download manager and use Firefox, I would recommend you to use this add-on which will save you lot of time and make your experience much smooth. Download from here.

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