Make Firefox work faster with Speedy Fox

No kidding but this is the first time I had seen an optmizer delivering what it is saying 100%. I had been maintaing the same firefox profile for more than 2 year and the major problem which I faced with Firefox was initial loading time was like 3 minutes with huge disk activity.

I did not wanted to recreate profile etc so I kept it the way it was acting but to a surprise I found Speedy Fox reducing Firefox initial loading time to 30 seconds which was more than 3 minutes before.

What does Speedy Fox do ?  In short Firefox uses a database to store every settings, addons etc. Now as time flies this database becomes bigger and more unmanaged. SpeedyFox optimizes it and compacts without loosing any data you had. This is similar to why we do defragmentation with our harddisk.

It is easy to use Speedy Fox and you can optimize any profile you want. It would select default profile initially but if you would like to point to another just browse. And yes this is portable application, so just carry it along. Download SpeedyFox ( WIndows )


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