Make right click menu transparent in Windows

If you have solid background and want to make your right-click menu transparent, here is quick tool which does that without you installing anything. Just run it and you are done.

Transparent context menu
Transparent context menu

It makes all the right-click menu’s transparent in windows so you can still see what is in the background. However there is no option which allows you to choose the transparency level.

It has option to set transparency but its little buggy and gets mixed with the right click menu.

Transparent context menu options
Transparent context menu options

Works for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows server 2008. Download it from here


  1. Hello sir. Maybe you will know – is there any way to set transparent background of context menu but without changing transparency of letters? I want to see only captions but no background, similar effect to this- I hope that link work. Or maybe is some other way than using this app. I use also MooO – but its still not work as i want to. Greetings…
    ps. Sorry for my poor English


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