Make USB drive Read-Only when you plug it in your computer

Catching a virus from a USB drive is as common as getting common cold. This is one reason why you see every Cyber Café or even your friend scanning your USB drive he plugs into his computer.

One of the effective options is to make the drive read only, so none of the virus can perform a copy operation.  This also makes sure nothing gets deleted from the USB drive unless you wanted to delete.

Phrozen Safe USB makes sure to changed the mode USB drive you plugin to your computer to a redefined state. This application once installed on your computer, monitors the USB ports for any connection. If it detects any USB mass storage, it change the state to one you have selected.

USB Read only at Startup



The application allows you to manually change status of USB drive between Fully Operation Mode to read only mode to disabled mode. Where Fully Operational mode makes sure the drive can be used normally i.e. Copy, Move etc, disabled mode makes sure nobody is able to even see the device. This is different from the eject mode which is used to safely remove the drive from the computer.

Read Only Mode is which is interesting. Reminds me of old days of Floppy Drive where we can hit the physical lock button.

Summary : The application is pretty simple to use and does its job. Locking down any USB to read only state is what you will love which makes sure nothing gets in and out with your concern. Download it from here.


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