Make Windows 7 remember Explorer location

Windows 7 by default doesn’t remember all the windows explorer’s default position on your desktop. In fact if you move anything beyond the desktop view i.e. like moving it extreme to the end, it will open that again in the scope. Though this feature does have advantage but many users would like Windows to remember individual explorer exact position like you want games to open at right and my computer to always open in left and so on.

Windows Where is an application which can help you achieving this. All you need is to install it and run it with Windows Startup and you are done. It sits on your system tray and monitors what all you open. However it wont remember changes of the child windows i.e. If you traverse from My computer to C and close, it doesn’t make it remember for C but for My computer.

Here is small demo explaining how first windows behave by default and how this software changes it.

Make Windows Remember Explorer Positions
Make Windows Remember Explorer Positions

This application is still in alpha stage but you can download a copy for yourself to try. Click here


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