Make your email / news letters Spam Proof : Is Not Spam

Few days back we talked about an Online Service Is this a Scam which allows you to check if an Email sent to you is a scam or not. Going the other way round if your email or news letter services are suffering from “Getting into Spam box” problem, Is Not Spam is one service just made for you.

Is Not Spam lets you check your email for words and paragraphs that might be triggering the Anti Spam Algorithms.  It is obvious that spam checker plugins etc do check for filthy words like sex, porn etc to filter emails. More like real time service where intention based algorithm plays a big role.

Just key in your email which you had composed into this service and then it checks for spamming words. I tested this service with a Spam Email which I got on some cheap medicine and it perfect told me how big spam it was.

Perfect.  And this is how they suggest you to fix your email :

Fixing your message is simple:

  • Change your message wording so it does not include known spam phrases
  • Cleanup your HTML code
  • Change your HTML so your message layout focuses on your content

Check out this service at Is not Spam and don’t forget to read our guides on How you can share your email id on Web safely and also service is this a scam

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