Make your kids learn the numbers and alphabets with free Android app

Remember those dot games, when we used to connect dots to reveal a picture in it, dots could either be a sequence of numbers or alphabet. Here is an Android app, available for Free, named as ‘Kids Connect the Dots Xmas’.

Simply tell your kid to connect the dots, this will make him/her learn the numbers in proper sequence, it comes with both the option, you can edit and select whatever you want, either the number sequence or the alphabet.

Here are the snapshots of the game, have a look –

One the home screen of the app you get the access to ‘Options’, here which has couple of settings to make the app suite well according to the level of your kid.

You can install the app by searching for the ‘Kids Connect the Dots Xmas’ in the Android Market, so go ahead and get the app on your device now, and watch your kid enjoying it.


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