Make your own customized travel book with Offbeat Guides

Offbeat Guides is an online service for planning your travel to almost any where in world and it takes care of allmost everything. Right from where You can stay , hotel selection and places you can visit. All you need to give is 5 basic information

  • Your Name
  • Destination,
  • The trip date when you want to travel
  • Your current location and where you are going to stay

The magic then starts. It diggs into various social media contents like Wikipedia, WikiTravel and eventful and get a book and e-book printed just for you and all that at a price of just $24.95 or if you just want PDF its 9.95$ ( I dont think its good idea to just get the ebook, printed always comes in handy when you travel ).

According to WebWare ( from where I got the Invitation code )

Technology, business, and outlook
Offbeat Guides’  key technology is its capability to parse all the data sources it subscribes to, and render that information in a useful, consistent, and attractive format for printing. A sample book I saw looked great for the most part, but there were still some weird formatting artifacts on some pages. Sifry said that by public launch the formatting would be much better (and in full color; the book I saw was black and white on the inside). Read more details on the post Offbeat Guides: Build your own travel books “

I was testing it and thought of traveling from Chennai , India to New York and a plan came out which is pretty neat. The plan out everything is when you can sleep when you can. The service is worth it. I have added a small video , do take a look at the plan.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! We’ve made a bunch of improvements since you made this video I highly suggest that you give the beta another go – I hope that you like the improvements!


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    i’v read ur article about “Make your own customized travel book with Offbeat Guides”. i’m great interesting in this article.
    but there is something confused.
    How does offbeatguids collect, trans and manage this travel infomation?

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