Make your pictures funny with piZap

piZap is a nice online tool to edit your photos, it has a wide range of tools to choose from, like Adding Dialogue boxes, Hairs, Accessories like Goggle, pendants etc. Have a look at the image below.


And now you can see the same image after editing with piZap


To understand the functionality you can have a look at this animation below.

How to use piZap

So, now, talking about the options available, functionality etc., doesn’t make any sense.However a handful of info which will give you a reason to try this online tool is as follows.

  • No registration required simply access and start using.
  • We have several such kind of online tools already available, but the beauty of piZap lies in the fact that the add-ons which are added to the photo while editing, are customizable and can be fitted in a very awesome manner to make the photo real, like you can see in the image above the goggles on guy, suits well.
  •  piZap also allows you to order a wide range of products, like hats, mouse pads, t-shirts etc. with your photos.

So go ahead and give it a try, do share your thoughts about piZap with us via comments.


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