Making Windows 7 Right click more productive

Be it any version of Windows we all do a lot of right click as it gives us many options to deal with files or folders further. However many a times we feel that there should be something more which you can do with right click and Windows 7 Context Menu Extender brings lot of stuff for you.

Right Click Extender Configuration
Right Click Extender Configuration

When you right click on any File and Folder :

  • Copy To
  • Move To
  • Admin Command Prompt
  • Encrypt/Decrypt
  • File List Create
  • My Computer God Mode
  • Hide File
  • Unhide File
  • Hide Folder
  • Unhide Folder

When you right click on the Desktop :

  • Flip3D
  • Desktop God Mode
  • Control Panel
  • Task Manager
  • Administrative Tools
  • Registry Editor

This app has been developed by  UNTAMEDKREATIONZ and you can Download it from here


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