Manage too many tabs in Chrome

Running lot of tabs in any browser is a common thing specially when you are doing research or trying to find a good software for your requirement but managing them is pretty difficult because as you open more tabs, the display text of the tabs shrink and you need to mouse hover each of them to find what it is.

Too Many Tabs makes this job easier for us. This extension gives you preview of each of the opened tabs in a single windows from where you can :

  • Get a clear idea of what each tab is.
  • Select any tab to switch.
  • In case you have few tabs which you dont want to use now, suspend it. This removes it visually from the open view.Thus reduces the clutter and in case you want it back just un suspend it.
  • Lets you search based on any text among the open tabs.
  • Sort according to Alphabet or domain name.
Too many tabs
Too many tabs

Here are few more things I would expect from this extension :

  • A preview when I hover my mouse over that tab. This is same as in Windows 7 preview.
  • Context menu to suspend.
  • Preview of the Suspended windows i.e. In case I have 15 suspended tabs I would like to mouse hover each of them and would like to know what it has in visual mode.
  • Rearrange tabs my hold and move.

Download Too Many tabs for Chrome

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  1. This is a good, but not great extension. The Firefox version is much more user-friendly, allowing you to see “stored” tabs as an extra row of tabs that is always displayed. I found the hidden tab menu klunky, but I know of no better tab extension for Chrome right now.


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