Manage Windows Startup programs easily using these set of Software

Many a time when you install programs in Windows, they register themselves to start in the background as soon as you log in to your computer. While some applications need to launch with a start, some can be delayed or started when required by the users. In this post, we will share a list of programs which help you manage Windows Startup programs.

Manage Windows Startup programs easily using these set of Software

When using any of the recommended software, make choices based on your requirement. Applications such as those monitor CPU temperature should launch as Windows Start, while music players can be delayed.

  1. Argente Startup manager
  2. Disable Startup
  3. Autoruns

You can use the software to disable programs from Windows 10 Startup. It also works in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

1] Argente Startup manager

Argenta Utilities Manage Startup program

Argente Autorun Utilities Manager is a free software which helps you manage applications which start with Windows boot or when you login the computer. When compared to windows default msconfig utility,

  • It gives you better visual clarity by displaying program icons.
  • Inbuilt search with filter and sort option
  • Easily edit or delete entries
  • Activate or deactivate startups
  • Warn about invalid entries
  • Access to Scheduler and Windows Services

The last option is equally important when it comes to faster bootup. There are services and schedules which launch with Windows. They can be delayed without any harm. However, it is upto you to decide how to take the approach.

Download Argenta AutoRun

2] Disabled Startup

Its a great utility if you want to stop programs to register themselves to Windows Startup. Make sure to launch it with Windows boot so it can keep monitoring in the background.

Stop Programs Windows Startup

Read more about how to Prevent programs from getting added to our Windows startup manager with Disable Startup

3] AutoRuns

It is an official software from Microsoft which gives you a general idea of what is slowing down the computer. Once you see the sequence of programs that will be executed or loaded when Windows loads, it will be easy for you to disable them from the startup.

Manage Windows Startup programs

Learn how to configure Autoruns

These set of programs should be enough for you to Manage Windows Startup programs easily.


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