Manage & Transfer files between Cloud Storage from a Single interface

Being a regular internet user, we all tend to have accounts on several services that allow keeping our different types of files online in clouds. This is quite possible that you have accounts on various such services, like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. which allow keeping almost any type of file online. One of the biggest problems is to access, manage, and to transfer files between various cloud storage.

In order to manage your files across these services, you will have to log in to your account on a particular service, or another way is to use something like Dropbox where there is no limitation of file type; however, this won’t be an excellent idea for so many reasons.

Manage & Transfer files between Cloud Storage from a Single interface

The service we are going to talk about comes in the picture at this point. A service that allows you to manage various types of files across multiple file storage services from a single place and even transfer data between them. Simply get an account on Otixo (free). Once you are logged in to your account on Otixo, it will ask you to add the Cloud-based services, which actually is a process of linking and authorizing your Otixo account to access other services.

Accessing files on a particular Cloud Storage Service via Otixo

You can select a service from the right panel, which has the list of supported cloud services, later you will have to provide your login id and password on the particular service in order to link and authorize Otixo to access your account, as said earlier too.

Manage & Transfer files between Cloud Storage from a Single interface

As you keep on adding services to your Otixo account, the list under ‘MY CLOUD SERVICES’ in the left panel keeps growing, there you can access your already linked cloud storage accounts. Now select any added account from the Left Panel and later choose a file from that service. You will now see that the list of available tools (or the operations you can perform on particular service) will be active now, have a look at the snapshot below.

Manage your files on different Cloud Services from a Single interface

So, this is the way how you can access any particular file which you have stored in clouds using a specific Cloud Service. Now, let us understand how one can manage the data across different services using Otixo.

Managing the files from a single interface

As stated earlier, the set of operations are now enabled (i.e., after you select a particular file, operations can also be activated by right-clicking on the data, as shown below), now you can perform the operation you want.

Otixo Manage your files on different Cloud Services from a Single interface

List of operations that can be performed on the files across different Cloud Services

Summarily, you can –

  • Share a file – You get a direct URL to the file and share it the way you want, you can also password protect the file to restrict the access, and decide the number of days before this URL expires.
  • Preview – Have a look at the file and its contents.
  • Launch in – Launch the file, like if you perform this operation on a word file saved on Google Drive, it will launch in a new tab within the Google Drive interface.
  • Copy, Cut and Paste  – Simple options, don’t need any description, however the paste feature is essential here, as once you have made the ‘Copy’ or ‘Cut’ operation, you can ‘Paste’ the file to any other service directly, by selecting the Cloud Service from the Left Panel.
  • Rename, Delete, Download, Upload – Another set of some generic operations.
  • New Folder – Create a new folder for some files within the service.

List of Supported Cloud Services for Otixo

Here is the list of services which you can mange via Otixo –

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Picasa
  • MobileMe
  • SugarSync
  • FTP
  • WebDav
  • AmazonS3
  • Google Drive
  • SkyDrive (recently added to the list)

My Experience with Otixo

Otixo is an excellent service for sure, very useful. It is probably something which every heavy Computer and Internet user has ever dreamt. All the operations work perfectly fine, it does everything it claims to do. However, some people might hesitate using the service for the reason as one has to provide access for the services which have so many personal files. But I think you can rely upon the service.

So, if you feel comfortable giving out access to your Cloud Services accounts, Otixois definitely a must-try service for you. Try and share your views about it with us.

Try Otixo

Update: Otixo has changed over years, and now they have premoum plans for consumers and busineseses. If you are looking for the free option, here is what you get in the free plan.

  • AES256 encrypted Drives
  • Multi Work Spaces
  • View 10k most recent messages
  • Up to 10 File Manager & Work Space App integrations
  • Full featured file manager
  • File & folder transfers between Clouds/services/protocols for $0.49/GB

The last part is bummer for those who like to transfer files from one place to another.

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