Manav Joins Technospot.Net

Today I would like to Welcome Manav, who is joining Technospot.Net as one of the co-authors. Manav and me had been very good friends since 6 yrs ( We studied together in Pune ) and as soon as he showed me interest in blogging I didn’t gave a second thought.
He Says

Though extra earning is certainly a charm, but I want to create an identity for myself. My aim would be to help the upcoming geek community, by telling them about useful softwares and more. I would certainly like to hear from visitors both about the quality of posts, and what kind of soft wares they want to read about.

Creating an Identity and true self does matter, coz when we are gone that’s what will be left behind. After a couple of discussion with him it’s really cool to find that he has some ideas which is pretty different. We will come to know as he rolls in by tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy his writings and a new reader with different angle.!! Wish You good luck Manav.


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