Manic Time : Track your application usage statistics in real time

Manic time is an advanced windows application usage tracking utility which is a perfect solution if you want to find out which applications you use for how many times and how long. I had seen many tools like this before but this came out to best with its Daily statistics and graphs it generates. Use it for time management or your way habits of using computer. Depends on you !!

Track which application is used how much
Track which application is used how much

Clubbing the features together :

  • Find whats your average start time and end time of using all the applications.
  • Daily statistics which gives you an average percentage of how much an application was used.
  • This is a real time tracking. Every time you open the program it updates the statistics.
  • You can drill down every hour stats also. This can tell you at what time you use which application more.
  • This is also useful to find which application you use least. So in case you dont want to use it just uninstall it.
  • It also tells you how much time you where away from your computer i.e. Activity tracking. Remember it tracks only if the application is being used by you not just running in the background.
Activity tracking
Activity tracking

As a conclusion, this is a very nice tool which helps you to find the trend of the application used on your computer. How you use it is as your end. You can use it find which had been the best time of usage to find if you spent more time on checking mail or you used more time on writing etc.  Give Manic Time a try


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