Disruptive Manufacturing Tech Trends; Top 5 in 2020

There has never been a time when technological innovations have had this much impact as they do now. Just when you think manufacturing tech trends are at their optimum level, better innovations come up.

Currently, the digital transformation is accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic and most companies and societies find themselves dependent on technology. As a manufacturer, you cannot afford to miss out on these top 5 tech trends in 2020!

Process Control and Automation

Manufacturing Tech Trends

The process of measuring level and density on certain elevations can be challenging at times. Technology has however made it possible to do these measurements using the hydrocracking process. Berthold uses this technology to achieve optimum measurements. Manufacturing companies are adopting this technology as it allows multiple measurements.

Artificial Intelligence, VR and Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing Tech Trends

VR technology is often associated with video games but it is making an entry into the manufacturing industries. With virtual reality, a company can easily optimize their sales efforts and marketing strategy by being able to engage their clients effectively.

Artificial intelligence is in reference to machines being able to carry out tasks, predict future outcomes, and even make decisions after analyzing data and learning from it. Simply put, AI provides machines with human-like abilities.

This technology is often the basis of all other tech trends.

Blockchain technology

This technology provides manufacturers with a decentralized method of recording and storing digital assets. At a time when most companies are facing the challenge of protecting and authenticating data, it provides a secure and practical solution.

Even though the concept of blockchain has been around for a while but, it is just beginning to get implemented.

Analytics in Manufacturing

Analytics involves turning huge bits or raw data into useful and actionable information. Manufacturing companies want to know their market share, their ROI, and growth over the years. Analytics technology goes through all the murky data, weeds out the irrelevant bits, and processes the useful data to provide recommendations.

5G internet technology

Manufacturing Tech Trends

The first smart device that most people are exposed to is a smartphone. Currently, the list has grown to include televisions, watches, and even refrigerators. According to statistics, the number of smart devices currently is 20 billion, a figure that is expected to rise.

5G will soon power these devices and give rise to a world of IoT. The IoT is in reference to devices that are able to gather and transmit data from being connected to the internet.

Network technology is the foundation of all online activities and the 5th generation network promises richer data streaming. Coverage and bandwidth have increased considerably and 5G technology will provide better speeds and allow for more device connections geographically.


The evolution of technology comes with transformative solutions. The manufacturing industry is embracing the above tech trends to not only gain a competitive advantage but also sustain companies. Most of the companies that adopt emerging tech trends end up flourishing and dominating the market.

Other top manufacturing tech trends include machine learning, human augmentation, and hyper-automation.


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