Mass Delete DMs from your Twitter account

Direct Messages (DMs) are a good way for private communications on Twitter, if you feel that there are loads of DMs, you might like to mass delete them, isn’t it? However deleting a DM is generally not required, but still if you want to do so, you can use the delete option, as Twitter allows you to delete both sent and received DMs.

Here is another way of deleting DMs, DM Cleaner; this online tool allows you to delete multiple DMs in one go; simply sign in with your Twitter username and password. Later DM Cleaner will fetch all your DMs (both sent and received).

Later you will see a message as shown below.

Mass Delete DMs with DM Cleaner

Now you have all the choices, delete the DMs as per your wish. It has almost all the criteria you will ever want, deleting DMs with specific word and specific user is for sure a great option. I tried the specific word thing, and it worked fine.

Try DM Cleaner

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