Mass edit Windows services : Online Registry Hack

When it comes to updating the status of  Windows Services in bulk, default service editor of windows is little tedious to use.  Windows Service Manager is an online tool which makes this job a little easy by

  • First Showing you list of default windows services in your OS i.e. Windows XP or Vista or 7
  • Then lets you change the status of all those services to Manual, Disable or Automatic
  • Finally asks you to download a registry file in which all these settings are stored.
  • The next thing you need is rename from .txt to .reg and double click to merge with your existing registry.

Windows service changer

Windows service changer registry

I am assuming it covers the most general services available in all the flavors of Windows else it might not just work in my opinion. I wasnt able to find any FAQ or Help page to find it exactly. Check out Windows Service Editor

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  1. Does the online services editor work with windows 2003 and other language of windows XP besides English, eg. Greek?

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