Create Temporary Email from your iPhone, iPad, iPod : Melt Mail

There are lot many reasons why anybody will love to use temporary email than real one unless they can trust them. This is specially useful for new services which users want to try but since many online services has misused people stay off from revealing their real email id.

Now coming back to topic, There is a new service name as Melt Mail which allows you to create temporary emails ranging which works from, 3Hrs to 24 hours and forwards any email that is sent to that email to any of your email id.  Once you get a email id ( random ) which you can use it anywhere. Make sure to note it down somewhere else it will be lost.

MeltMail Email Account

Now there are many services like this but what I found interesting about this is that it comes with an iOS app for iPhone, iPod and works on iPad which lets you create temporary email id on the go specially useful when you don’t want to go to your computer for creating a new one or you want to use this inside an app.

Melt Mail iOS App

Drawbacks :

Like any temporary email service it has its own drawback which results when an email id is over used and abused. For example services like Facebook has banned use of this particular domain. So there is nothing wrong with the service but if somebody abuses it, it will have the problem.

ON the parallel thought, this service should set up authentication method like confirmation email or twitter login or Facebook so the service is less used by spammers and can live longer. Since they did the investment for the iOS App, I am sure they might have more ways of connecting.


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