Merge Mutiple text files into one : TXTCollector

Many a times you have lot of text files with formats like csv or simple txt files which have less data but their numbers are huge. For example if you have log files which don’t have much of error logs inside but since they are generated every day their count keeps on increasing.

TXT Collector is a free application which lets you combine any number of such files into one. When it merges it adds the exact path and a separator of your choice to make the data look distinct.

Text File Merger

Like you can see the application is pretty simple and supports :

  • txt, bat, cfg, csv, htm,ini, inf, log, reg, tag and xml.
  • It takes are of Separator, file name, carriage returns and space.
  • Also it supports sub-folders which means you can directly input your log archive to this application.

As soon as you hit combine all files button, it will merge all the text files into one and prompt you for saving it with a proper name. Here is a sample output of 3 merged files.

Merged Text Files

This application is very useful to manage all your text files on your desktop and instead of having 10 such files you can merge them into one and still have the same data. Download Txt Collector | If you are geek on command line, there is a tool CLT which lets you merge files using command prompt and GIOS is for merging PDF files.


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