Metro Rail in Google Maps India

Google Maps for India has gone tremendous change and I was pretty much surprised to see that Google Maps India now includes Metro Railways path when you plan your trip within the city and it includes Kolkata and Delhi both. Here are few samples when I tried.

Metro in Google Maps
Metro in Google Maps
Delhi Metro on Google Maps
Delhi Metro on Google Maps

These routes are included in google maps when there is a possibility between your source and destination and it comes under public transmit.  The details include

  • The frequency of the train.
  • In case of Delhi metro it shows the two different lines i.e. Red and the yellow line.
  • Next and previous station.
  • Duration of travel.
  • Gates  and more.
Kolkata Directions include Metro
Kolkata Directions include Metro"

Benefits :

  • Tourist coming to Cities like Delhi and Kolkata where metro services are available can now visit places faster by cutting off the heavy traffic.
  • Since you know how frequent trains are you can pin to almost exact timings when you can catch a train.
  • Specially for Delhi the confusion of different lines will be much clear now. You can actually understand why you are switching from one gate to another.


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