Microsoft Management Console Window Keyboard Shortcut

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a component of modern Microsoft Windows operating systems that provides system administrators and advanced users with a flexible interface through which they may configure and monitor the system. Most of Microsoft’s administration tools included with both Windows itself, and Windows Server System products are implemented as MMC “snap-ins”. Third-parties can also implement their own snap-ins using the MMC application programming interfaces published at MSDN.

In simple language, remember control panel ? Yeah there we have administrative tools. You will see a lot of tools there which is used to maintain system and its usage. Device Manager, Disk Defragmenter, Internet Information Services, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Local Users and Groups, Shared Folders, and other tools. are some of them.

So here are some keyboard shortcuts for the administrative people or anybody who play around with MMC. Click the image to see how it looks like.

Keyboard Shortcut :: Microsoft Management Console Window

  • CTRL + P : Print the current page or active panel.
  • ALT + Minus sign (-) : Display the window menu for the active console window.
  • SHIFT + F10 : Display Action shortcut menu for selected item.
  • CTRL + F10: Maximize the active console window.
  • CTRL + F5 : Restore the active console window.
  • ALT + ENTER : Display properties dialog box
  • F5 Key : Updates the content of all console window.
  • F2 Key : Renames any selected topic.

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