Microsoft Outlook Backup tool : Official Solution

Microsoft has released an Official Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool which allows you to take a backup of all your mails at regular intervals (with reminders) with you worrying much.

It takes the back up of all PST files where the mails are actually stored. And the best part is that this tool gets integrated right in the Outlook.  This tool can run the backup every time u exit the application. This is very handy. It works with both Office Outlook 2007 or anything above Outlook 2002.

After you had installed this backup tool, you can find a backup menu right under File menu of Outlook.  But before you start using it configuring is very important as you will need to setup a location where the files will be stored.

Office Personal folder backup tool

Configure the backup tool

By default the files are stored in the same drive where windows is installed. I would highly recommend you to change the location to a network or if you are using sync application like Dropbox, you can even create a backup on the server directly. This would be the best way to do it.

After you have configured this option you should also configure which Folders needs to be backed up. Like in my case I have a personal folder which should be same for you. In case you have more folders this is the right place to decide.  Just uncheck the folders you don’t need. This will also help you to keep the size at the low end.

Doing a backup:

After this you can click on save backup. As soon as you do this, you get an alert message which says the Outlook has to be closed. This is required as the files are in locked state when the Outlook is open. So next time you exit Outlook the backup will be performed.

Backup personal folders

Anytime you want to open the back, just use the open backup option.

This tool is a must if you use Outlook. Just remember save your backup in different place that windows drive and when you go for a complete re installation don’t forget to use my 2 second outlook settings backup tip. This two post is more then enough for backup your mail as well as account settings.

Download  Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool and read more on this here