Microsoft to Announce Self Branded Windows RT Tablet like XBOX 360 ?

While there is lot of speculation going around on what will Microsoft revel on June 18th and probably this is one of the best secret stuff kept till date, Chinese Website WPDANG has information from trusted sources that Microsoft is set to announce a Self branded Tablet based on Windows 8 RT. This is on similar lines on how Xbox 360 is manufactured under Microsoft brand.

Microsoft is not new to hardware as they had been doing this from a long time like Microsoft Mouse, Keyboard, Xbox being the best example.  So now if all this is true, the build quality expectation will reach much higher, specially when you keep Xbox 360 as an example. This will also make sure that Windows RT comes to end users as “No Crap-ware Installed” system.

Windws 8 Tablet

So the next question which comes in mind is will Microsoft be able to say “Available Next Day” or “Available on Windows 8 Release Date” like Apple does it all the time.

At the end, this is still a rumor but considering the kind of news we have from WPDANG, it can be credible. Lets wait and watch.


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